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Luke Drury


Hi, I’m Luke Drury and I am one of the Pastors here at Highfields Church of Christ. Besides serving in a part-time role here at the church, I am studying a Bachelor of Ministry at the Australian College of Ministries.  My wife, Sarah, and I moved to the Toowoomba region about 10 years ago (2006), where we have welcomed each of our three young children into the world.  I grew up in Hervey Bay, while Sarah came across with her family from New Zealand, but we seemed to have found a home here around Toowoomba, which we have a growing love for.

Church life hasn’t always been part of my life.  When we moved to Toowoomba, I did my trade in Landscaping; laying pavers and building retaining walls for 8 years, before being invited into the ministry team here at the church.  It was a change that took a bit of getting used to, to say the least, but I really do enjoy my role here, which consists mainly of preaching and being involved in our Sunday services, and just having the space and time to be there with people, and God.

Not coming from a church background, I am passionate about seeing the church as a place for more than just church people.  I have a desire to connect with people inside and out of the church, on a level that relates to everyone, because I believe that God is for everyone.  My hope is to bring something different from what people might generally be expecting from church.

Knowing God is a journey.  It is a journey which has taken me through a lot of unexpected changes, and continues to do so.  I see my ministry role here at the church as an opportunity to share the journey with others, and just see the unexpected places that takes us to.